flecksofpoppy (flecksofpoppy) wrote in blue_suits,

Fever Dreams [FIC - No pairing: Elena, Reno, Rude, Tseng]

Author: notraffic
Title: Fever Dreams
Timeline: End of FF7, maybe pre-AC? It could be anywhere, although since Elena's in here, I'm gonna say it's like, just end of FF7.
Rating: R. Maybe? No pairings.
Summary: I recently wrote a random Tseng/Rufus drabble, and was asked whether it was intended to be a dream of Tseng's. At the time, it wasn't exactly, but I could see it being interpreted as such because it's definitely sort of random and ethereal. But it got me thinking...what would a Turk's nightmare look like? So I wrote this. If Elena, Tseng, Reno and Rude were to have a fever dream, this is some version of what I would expect it to look like. Experimental...super experimental. As always, C&C greatly appreciated!

Fic: Fever Dreams

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