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Fealty [FIC - Rude/Rufus]

Author: notraffic
Title: Fealty
Character/Pairing: Rude/Rufus (yup, you heard right)
Rating: R-ish
Summary: Yet another random fic prompt I asked for. This one was Rude/Rufus; however, I was given a prompt phrase that I didn't follow whatsoever. This pairing was so bizarre to me that I was happy to manage to write a fic at all, and I thought what came out was interesting, hence why I'm posting. Obviously Rufus Shinra has never read the sexual harassment policy, if there ever was one, put into place at Shinra Electric Power Company.
A/N: Sorry for any x-posting. I can't stop vomiting fic; pardon the frequent posts...I swear it is all actually new, though! As usual, C&C greatly appreciated.

Fic: Fealty
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